Course curriculum

    1. The Ultimate Framework needed to understand the Tech Wold

    2. Frameworks or how not to repeat yourself!

    3. Categorisation of the Tech World

    4. Frontend Engineering

    5. Backend Engineering

    6. Operating Systems

    7. DataBase Technologies

    1. Definition of DevOps

    2. Intro to DevOps Engineering on Techlingo

    3. Quiz 1: [Job without a title]

    4. What is the ideal Job title for this role?

    5. DevOps Engineering Explained

    6. Slides from the previous video: DevOps Engineering Explained

    7. Techlingo Quiz: DevOps Engineering explained

    1. Intro to Data Science on Techlingo

    2. Which are the technologies NOT used in Data Science?

    3. Data Science Explained

    4. Slides from the previous video: Data Science Explained

    5. Techlingo Quiz: Data Science explained

    1. Intro to IT Infrastructure on Techlingo

    2. System engineer or Network engineer?

    3. IT Infrastructure Explained

    4. Slides from the previous video: IT Infrastructure Explained

    5. Techlingo Quiz: Infrastructure explained

    1. Learn how to write a compelling Tech Job

    2. Learn how to prepare for a technical interview

    3. Why do relationships matter? Play the long game!

    4. Learn how to find candidates on LinkedIn

    5. Learn how to find candidates on Github

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